Maria // Portrait Shoot

I love to shoot around Lisbon, specially in Alfama. Maria asked me about some beautiful and historic I decided that we would shoot around Castelo de São Jorge and the typical and charming Alfama streets. We walk without a defined route,  we just followed the flow and it was amazing!
Maria was very relaxed and confident it was very easy to shoot her. I love the fact that her name is so typically portuguese but she is from Russia, isn´t it amazing?

Malaysia, Part I // asia trip

As I promised, here you have the first post about our trip to Asia. I will begin with Malaysia because it was our first and last stop. Malaysia has a mix of so many cultures. We stayed in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Maybe we will be back one day to visit the other wonderful places. As my cousin says (he lives and works in Kuala Lumpur) the most beautiful beaches are in Malaysia. We´re curious, because we found Gili T. beaches absolutely magical. I will post about Indonesia later.

Diana // Portrait shoot

I photographed Diana this Summer on a super windy day. I´m sure we ate a lot of sand, but is was really funny, we didn´t give up! As you know photographing woman is what I love the most. I always feel super excited before these shoots. I chose my favorites photographs to share here with you.

yes, we are back! // daily life

After so many months we are finally back. It was a good summer with a lot of work and a big trip to Asia. I´m so excited to share everything about our amazing trip with you. And I promise you won´t wait too long for that post. I also changed blog design to celebrate our new start. Do you like the new style? 

Depois de tantos meses ausentes, estamos finalmente de volta! Foi um Verão e tanto, com muito trabalho, mas também com uma viagem maravilhosa pela Ásia. Estou ansiosa por partilhar tudo sobre a viagem aqui e prometo-vos que não vão ter que esperar muito por esse post. Para celebrar este novo começo decidi também mudar o visual do blog, gostam?

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